Thursday, March 19, 2015

Forming Partnerships

All Fotos: Jody King

I have been in the tourism business for about 8 years and I often get questions about Rio, other places to see and visit. At Favela Adventures we have decided to focus 100% of our attention of developing interesting things to do while visiting the favela where we live. I think its best for us to be experts at one thing than trying to be just average and offer all sorts of different tours. Our tours are only specific to Rocinha. To find out more about the work we do and our community involvement please check out 

I often receive requests from visitors and tourists who want referrals to other great tour companies that can offer good quality tours for a reasonable price. Most of our clients are middle class people from all over the world, so its not like they are looking for VIP treatment. 

What I am looking for is a cross promotion type of partnership. I would promote your company on my website which would include a write up about your tours, giving my viewers and idea of what services you offer and of course direct contact to you either by email, telephone or both. And I would expect you would do the same for me.

At some point after seeing your website and having email contact, I would want to meet you in person to get to know you a little better just as you would want to meet me.

My clients expect excellent service which includes that guides that speak fluent English, Spanish or Portuguese. The most important is that the guides show up on time to meet guests. In the past I have had problems working with outside tour companies showing up late with all sorts of excuses. This does not go over well and can ruin both partners reputations. I have great reviews on Trip Advisor for a reason. People that are visiting Rio are here only for a certain amount of time and want to visit many points of interest and the last thing they need is guides who show up late or not at all.

I am currently looking for a partnership with a tour company that includes activities or visits to sites such as:  

-Cristo Redentor
-Sugar Loaf
-Santa Teresa
-Rio City Grafitti or Art Tour
-Rio Downtown/City Walking Tour
-Niteroi Museum of Art
-Authentic Samba Show at Salgueiro or Mangueira Samba Schools
-Lapa Night Life Tour
-Football (Soccer) Games at Maracana Stadium
-Boating Tour or Party
-Fishing Tour
-Diving/Snorkeling Tour
-Hang Gliding/Para Gliding
-Photography Tours Specific to Rio

** I am open to receiving ideas about other types of tours as well. 

As I have done research, I see that some companies offer tours that are very expensive. Not every foreigner is rich nor do they want to feel ripped off. My prices for my favela tours between 65-75 reais each person which is actually on the low end compared to many hotels that charge from 120 to 160 reais for a 2.5 hours visit and hostels charging 90 reais for a 3 hours visit. The reason why, is I don't need to pay a commission so my tour prices can be very reasonable.

What I want to do, is to eliminate the whole idea of having to pay a commission to somebody. Chasing down payments, having to check bank statements for deposits or chasing money is not fun and a big waste of time. Been there, done it and it hasn't worked well. 
This makes everything easier and no stress.

If I promote your company on my website, through business cards or word of mouth, I expect you to do the same. I am all about helping others to earn more business, especially with tour companies who offer a great service. We currently work with an excellent guide who does about 12 different hiking tours in Rio. His services are great and he is very affordable. If a client asks me about a hiking tour of Pedra Bonita or Dois Irmaos, of course I will refer to my partner. This way its not about counting how many tours I referred to you or you to me. The clients contact you directly to take your tours. The information is there for them to make the decision.

If you have interest in wanting to create a partnership with Favela Adventures, please contact me at: