Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dj Meeting March 10, 2013


At the DJ School Spin Rocinha we always like to show whats going on. We have had the oportunity to have the students play in the public. Every month now at the bottom of the favela, there is a group of Dj's that are organizing a "Meeting of Dj's". The purpose of this is for people in the community to get to hear various dj's from the favela playing music. Its also a great opportunity for new dj's and our students to get to meet some of the established dj's in the favela. Its a great exchange of ideas with everybody benefitting. Our students get to see the older guys in action and can ask questions about anything relating to dj'ing. The most common conversations have to do with equipment, what people are using and where to buy stuff. The meeting we had on the 20 March, we brought our 2 Cdj's and a mixer. Other dj's brought turntables and speakers. We had 2 dj's from Rio das Pedras (another favela) come who were turntablists. Dj Nilo and Dj Fabricio came to show the favela their skills in scratching. Dj Gordura who is well known lives in a small favela down the street from Rocinha. His focus is playing beats on the mpc machine. He also is well connected with many famous funk artists here in Rio, creating beats for them. I have put some fotos here of the event. Next event will be April 14th.


I feel so fortunate to be part of this project where so many people can enjoy music through dj'ing!