Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finding reliable help

Me and my silly cat Fuzzy who likes to Dj..


And im not talking about domestic help. As most people know, I work in tourism and its very frustrating trying to find reliable people. But theres is that saying that goes "nobody will ever care more for your business than you". This is so true! I prefer to hire people from inside the favela but its dificult. The major problem is that I can only offer somebody part time work as I dont have enough work. Most people have full time work so the last thing they want is more work when they have time off. Working in tourism is like any other work. It work! But I see a pattern where people dont take it serious. They think its like play time or the dont respect tourists time restrictions. My american side always believes in the customer first because without them, I dont get paid.


Showing up late, to me is not showing respect for other persons time. I have only been late twice since I started tours over 5 years ago. The most I was ever late was 7 minutes. I apologized to my guests who didnt seem to notice but still, I hate being late.


I love my work and I am very appreciative and thankful for all the good karma that has come my way in the last 3 years especially.


I think I have figured out why some guys have this lack of responsibility. The experiences I am talking about are dealing with men, not women. Brazilian guys in general are lazy. Let me explain. Americans, once they turn about 18 are encouraged to be more independant and either go to work or school. In Brazil, I know guys 30 or 40 still living with their parents. So, I see this as a negative because Brazilian guys who live at home with their parents seem to mature later. These are jusy MY observations.


When you live with mommy and daddy and you dont pay rent, food or other bills, they wash your clothes and cook you food, its easy to not be as motivated..


I have two examples, Leo who is 21, still lives with his parents, says he wants a job but his actions show different. He doesnt pay any bills. He has a cell phone but never calls people. People call him, which I think is strange. He shows up late or not at all. I sent him a text message a few days ago about work, he never showed up, no message, nothing. This is not the kind of guy who deserves a job because hes not motivated. The shame in all of this is that he speaks fluent English.


Dembore is a totally different guy. He came to Rio 10 months ago from Minas Gerais. He came to make a better life for himself and his girlfriend. When he was working for me, he also held down a second job at night as a waiter in a hotel. Since beginning of October, he has quit the other job and is now only working with me. Dembore lives with his girlfriend who has a part time job and is involved with theatre productions. He lives on his own, not under his parents roof. He pays rent, electricity, water, cable and internet. He ALWAYS shows up ontime and most times is early. He drinks minimally in his off time and his actions show responsibility.


Dembore is 24, only 3 years older than Leo but there is a huge difference is how they live their lives. Leo is the life of the party with very little responsibility and Dembore is in bed at midnight most nights to rest for the next days work.


I have gone through 5 tour guides working with me in the last 2 years and its been very frustrating, but now I think I have a keeper in Dembore. He is also a dj and loves being involved in the dj school. Thank goodness I have finally found a person of quality that wants to grow with the expansion of the dj school and loves making tours here.


Leo needs to take life more seriously. He needs to get off his mothers tit and grow up. But im not his daddy..Some things you need to figure out on your own.