Thursday, December 14, 2017

Team Poland Comes to Rocinha

Some months back we had SA Wardega and his crew filming in Rocinha. Now another crew from Poland. It's great to see so much positive interest in our community.

Last week we had the opportunity to meet some interesting people from Poland. They are travelling through South America in a mini bus. They are documenting their travels and they are going to start a youtube channel.

They decided they wanted to have some special days in the favelas. We made a 2 days tour for them. The first day we focused on flying drones and filming the main street activity. The second day we focused on the alleyways and activities like playing pool and practicing Capoeira with the locals. The second day they also visited Vidigal favela to film the sun set and check out the community.

They also got the change to meet and have a few drinks with the locals.

 The motoboy got in on the action when he wanted a photo with the Polish Crew.

Hanging out with Leandro Discreto a 3 on 3 basketball player from Rocinha who just signed a contract to play professional Basketball with a team in China.

Drone flying at the bottom of Rocinha. Earlier in the day we flew the drone from the top of the community. The crew wanted to get different views of the favela.

I see this guy everyday and he rarely ever wears a t-shirt. He loves Rocinha as you can tell by the many wristbands he has. And he always wants more!

Kamil in the Blue shirt, has be doing Capoeira for about 10 years and it was always a goal of his to practice when he was in Rio, so we set something up.

 Kamil playing the "berimbau" with the Capoeira guys from Rocinha.

When we were walking through the alleyways, we stopped off at this little bar to rest but also, the guys wanted to try their luck at pool. There was no betting on these games, just overall fun and smiles with the locals while sharing a few beers.

The crew will be travelling for quite sometime but they have promised me that when they finish their travel documentary that they will share the link with me.