Tuesday, July 12, 2016

After School Homework Club in Rocinha

One of the challenges for young students is access to quiet space to study. Houses in Rocinha are small so with the average family of 4 people, theres not much space. Once kids reach about 12, they want private or quiet places to study without interruption of their siblings.

Rosa for the past 10 years has been tutoring children in Rocinha, helping them with their studies. The children she helps are between 8-14 years old. Sometimes she gets older students high school age or adults returning to finish their secondary education. Her classes are open to anyone that needs help. She charges a small fee of 70 reais a month each student. Rosa's tutoring classes run everyday from 9-11am and 2-4pm Monday thru Friday.

What Rosa does is something much needed for students. The Public school system is awful and the kids only go to school for about 4.5 hours a day. What can a student learn in 4.5 hours? The problem in Rio for the public school is that there are not enough teachers or schools, so this is why such short school hours. Rocinha, like any place has kids that want a future. Many want professional jobs when they get older but are put at a disadvantage.

The public school does not prepare youth for university, so this is where Rosa comes in. With her helping the students, as they get older they will have better study skills and a support system when they prepare for exams.

I had some extra school supplies in the house so I went by and gave them to Rosa to give to the students. We always try to find projects that are in need of supplies. Below are some of the photos from Rosa's classes.

I want to thank all of those visitors who have donated school supplies. Rosa's students thank you! We will continue to search for projects in need! For more information on donating supplies or wanting to volunteer contact Zezinho at: visitrocinha@gmail.com