Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Special Guests visit Spin Rocinha

Opportunities come to those who persevere. I have always believed this regardless of obstacles that may be put in front of you. You need to move on and keep going! I am far from the perfect human being. But I try to learn from these things and move on. I have never had a problem with hard work. I enjoy my work too as long as it benefits the community where I live.

Alberto & Maykon

On Friday November 27th Spin Rocinha received the owner of DJ Mag-Espanha to our school. Alberto Taboada heard of us about 3 years ago from Dj’s who had visited our school. He stopped by at 1:30pm so it was difficult to get some of the students to come for this visit. But we can always organize for Alberto's next visit. He came to Rio to see our school but was in Sao Paulo for the Sonar Festival

Alberto contacted me on short notice and we were able to have him come for a visit and interview myself and one of our students Dj Maykon about our project. He took fotos and got a chance to see Dj Maykon in action. He wants to see how he can help promote our school and help us in any other way he can.

He was impressed with our top of the line equipment and commitment to bringing the best instruction and resources for our students. He plans to return and we will be better prepared to receive his visit next time.

Luca & Lucas

In September of 2015, I received an email from this guy Luca Iacomino a former Dj, from Spain who is a sales and marketing rep for Ableton, a software music production system. He had interest to check out our dj school Spin Rocinha. He had received my contact from Martin Backes who is from Germany and visited our school sometime back. I also had met some friends in common that Luca knew like Dj's El e Ela who visited out school back in 2011. Luca is a rep for Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Europe who travels at least 3 times a month for his work.

Luca wanted to impress on us that Ableton wants to be a socially responsible company. Their focus is on music education and getting more people involved with music production worldwide.

We had set up a day to meet in September but their schedule was limited so I was unable to show them our studio. So, Luca had made plans to return for a Sonar Festival in Sao Paulo. He had the opportunity to come to Rio for a few days so he wanted a chance to finally see our school. So he contacted Lucas and the meeting was set. I met him and Lucas in front of the Leblon shopping then we took a van to Rocinha.

Lucas is also a professional sound engineer and has worked on tv, films, music scores and other projects needing a sound professional. He also works in post production and editing. Lucas plans to offer classes for any of students who have interest to learn sound production.  You can contact Luca through his website here. Or email:

With Maykon we were able to install some of the Ableton software on computers and Maykon now has a key so he has it on his computer now and has started to experiment with it. This is a great opportunity for our students to start getting involved in the production side of Dj'ing. Spin Rocinha wants to thank the kindness of Ableton and their representatives like Luca and Lucas for offering this opportunity to the future dj's and music creators of Rocinha!