Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hip Hop Community Event

Recently in the last year or so, there have been a lot more community events showcasing the talent of Rocinha and visitors. The Praca de Roupa Suja which is normally used for Futsal or basketball has seen an increase of community events. Today was no different with the ROCINHA HIP HOP - "Reducao de Danos" (Reduction of Damage).

The sign which reads "Reducao de danos" is significant of GBCR's influence on youth to not use drugs, smoke or drink". So its very much a group that encourages positive things. Behind where the men are standing in the foto above are pictures of  a "pill", a "alcohol bottle" and a "cigarette" all with a red cross through it.

The event started around 12 noon with visits from Dj's, MC's and Break Dancers from as far away as Sao Paulo. Some of Rocinha's MC's were also present,
Mc Bolt, Weelf Real and Mc Oz. And Luck GBCR who is the director of the hip hop group called GBCR was also there helping to promote the event. Dj Marcelinho MG was on the turntables!

Here is a video from one of the dance offs between Mari and Uni
Mari vs Uni Rocinha Hip Hip

I was able to get some fotos of the hip hop event. See below!

Every event has to have its Dj's!  Dj Marcelinho MG on the right.

Weelf entertaining the crowd!

Mc Weelf and Mc Bolt both from Rocinha put on a show.

Judges of the hip hop battle final dance off!

B-Boy showing his stuff! Nice windmills!

Another dancer showing his stuff!

A hip hop dancer from Sao Paulo who won a battle with another dancer.