Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Compacting Wristbands for travel

Foto by Jody King 

I know many people that want to bring wristbands for Rocinha. I have given out about 6,000 of them and people still ask me about them. I wrote a post a while ago about the pride people have here in Rocinha. Giving these wristbands out gives me great joy as I love to see the smiles on peoples faces. It also gives us something to feel good about.

I decided to take photos of how to reduce the size of wristbands by wrapping them in each other. This way you don't need take up as much space in your baggage.

So here are the steps:

Step 1- When you received the wristbands they will come in bags like this. There will be 100 wristbands in each bag. So, if you ordered 1000 wristbands, they will come in 10 bags.

Step 2- Open the bag and take the wristbands out. These wristbands are size Medium. You will put them inside of each other, see the following fotos. With size Medium wristbands you can fit 6 inside of each other. With size Large wristbands you can compact 7 to 8 of them together.

Step 3 - So, as you see from this foto, I have put one wristband inside the other and will continue this process until I have six wristbands in one bunch.


       Finally 6 wristbands in a bunch. In this way, they will take up much less      space in your luggage than if they are in the plastic bag.

To show you how they can be compacted there are 5 bundles of 6 wristbands = 30 wristbands. So imagine the difference between the bag full of free wristbands and those compacted.

    This photo above is of 102 (17x6 = 102) compacted wristbands

Here is the comparison of 102 compacted wristbands to the left and 100 in the plastic bag.

Jody King's photos of him compacting wristbands.

    Photos by Jody King

I want to thank Amazing Wristbands for supporting our initiative here to bring joy to the people here in Rocinha.