Friday, December 5, 2014

Holidays in Rocinha!

I have never been much for holidays. I like them but I don't like the idea of one day or a few days of "giving". Everyday you should be thankful and giving in one way or another. School and art supplies are very much needed here in the favela. So, when people ask me what to bring or donate, I let them know that school and art supplies are valuable to the kids here.

I am putting together these kits of school supplies. One of the projects that I work with asked for more school supplies for some of the children. I went through the rest of the donations I had and determined that I can make 22 kits.
Each kit will include:

2 notebooks
2 pens
2 paintbrushes
1 box with 6 paints
1 pack of 12 pencils
1 glue stick
5 erasers
1 pencil sharpener
16 crayons
1 box of 12 colored pencils
1 ruler

To make these kits, some of the materials I bought to complete the kit. Others were donations from visitors to Rocinha.

So, here I have some of the materials that I will separate and will be put into bags.

Here is everything that will be put into the silver zip bag you can see to the left of the photo.

All the school supplies that I have managed to fit into the bags.

Bags filled with school supplies ready to go for the holiday party!

All the gifts wrapped up and ready for the kids party!

I want to thank the numerous people who donated many of the school supplies for the children here. And to Pack for a Purpose who continue to support our work here!