Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dembore gets his yellow belt! Congrats!

Congrats to Dembore who works with us making tours of the community and volunteering with our Dj School. He went through difficult training on Sunday afternoon to achieve his yellow belt in Kickboxing.
Just outside of Rocinha, we have a Sports Complex that has opportunities for residents of the community to train in several different sports activities. About a year ago Anderson  Silva helped by sponsoring a Kick Boxing/Muay Thai school here. Mauricio (Max) Casaes is the head instructor. The students were put through a heavy workout that consisted of about 1 hour of continuous exercises from push ups, sit ups, and various punching and kicking combinations. After, the students lightly sparred with each other for another 30 minutes. After about 5 minutes they would switch partners. Just watching them train, I was tired.
Here are some Photos, Enjoy! And Congrats Dembore!