Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seeking Vinyl Records

As most of you know who visit my blog, we have a Dj School here called Spin Rocinha. Our next project is going to be finding vinyl records for our students.

We here believe that as a Dj learning to spin vinyl is showing respect for the origins of the art of Dj'ing. Our school has all the digital equipment and respects the advances in technology made available for the following generations of Dj's. I learned to Dj on vinyl as did Dembore, so its only natural that our school have vinyl. Our school will continue on with pendrives, CDJ's and controllers but its nice to have different media forms to experiment and learn.

When I started the Dj school, I knew it would be a challenge. You see in most parts of Brazil, Vinyl records are hard to find and are very expensive. At this time we do not have turntables because we dont have vinyl records. After talking to the students, there is now interest to learn to spin vinyl.

So I created this idea on how YOU can help us! For those who plan to take a tour with us we will give you a discount on your visit if each person brings one vinyl record. The type of music we would like is the types you would hear in a dance club. So, techno, trance, disco, electronic and anykind of house music will be perfect. Many of our past students are now playing in clubs so dance music is what is popular here.

I have committed to the students that once we get some vinyl records, then we can then by the 2 turntables so we can play these records. So, How about it? Can you help us build a small vinyl library?

Thank you!!!!

If you need any information, please contact us at: