Thursday, May 1, 2014

Projeto de Cidadania Gol Olímpico- Gol de Placa

Being a tour guide is great work but I also like to be out in the favela aware of projects that are in need. I was introduced to two guys running a small football project at the bottom of the favela. There is a small pitch where the kids can play 5 on 5 and this program runs every Saturday from 9-12 noon. Jorginho and Rogerio run the Gol de Placa project. I thought that the second set of jerseys could be useful. I always try to find projects that really need the help and don't receive help. Here are some fotos of kids playing, a foto of the two coaches Rogerio and Jorginho and a group foto after I gave the kids their jerseys! Thank you Adriana McDonald for your kind donation!