Friday, July 13, 2012

Giving Thanks!

I have been away from the blog for sometime. I need to get back if even once or twice a month so keep up with demands of people who want to know more about Rocinha. Life has been very busy for me. I am now making tours about 4 to 5 times a week which is great even though it is low season here. I went to some website and read reviews about my tours. It makes e very happy that visitors have enjoyed their visit to my favela. The dj school is doing great. We have about 18 students and we are operating 6 days a week from 7-10pm..Sundays is a day of rest. I am still getting telephone calls from the report O Globo did about SPIN ROCINHA. But lack of space is a big problem here. Today I went outside walking around looking for spaces available for the future becase I know the school is going to only grow more. For now, the Dj school is in a space that used to be my bedroom. The room can comfortably hold about 7-8 people at a time. So, the way I decided to accomodate all the students is to have them chose 2 nights a week that they can come. So each class has 4-5 students. My idea is to save money to eventually buy a place here in the favela. My dream place would be a house with three floors. The first floor would be the dj school and recording studio, second floor, my living space and third floor would be space for visitors volunteering in the favela. The roof would be used to make parties and to enjoy the view. I have had people aproach me about helping but I am hesitant to take this help becase as we all know, its very rare that somebody offers money without wanting something in return. I dont like or trust politicians as here in Brazil they are only out for their own interests. I dont ever want to owe anybody anything, including favors! Its a fact here, most politicians are corrupt. I know the direction that I want to take with this dj school. I would rather it take longer and its done right than to rush things. I am not going here. Considering SPIN ROCINHA has only been around for 11 months, things are ahead of schedule. Now, back to the title of this blog post. I am very thankful for all the good things that have happened to me especially starting from 2010 to now. Work is going great and for that I am especially thankful! Without tourism, I would not have a Dj school here. For all of you who have visited Rocinha, I need to give you a BIG thank you! Becase visits have increased here, I now have been able to give one of my friends a part time job helping me. His name is Eden and he is a resident of Rocinha and has a website promoting everything that is about Rocinha. His website is: ok, gotta go now clean and set up the Dj school for classes tonight.. any questions can be directed to: