Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Camera Project

Above are fotos of Leandro opening his gift of a new Camera..and hopefull to his dream of being able to become the photo journalist.

Mission accomplished!!

Some of you read the entry where I wrote about some of the projects that I’m involved in here in Rocinha. At the end of that entry, I wrote about Leandro who had his camera stolen and how I made plans to buy him a new one. Well, Leandro had his birthday party at the Verandao, a dancehall half way up the hill here in Rocinha on Saturday October 16th. Dj Fernadinho spun the music and everyone had a great time. I took some fotos of Leandro receiving his new camera for his 28th birthday. When he saw what it was he was in shock and gave me a big hug!

I want to thank ALL OF YOU who went on tours with me the month of August, September and October as your money helped to buy Leandro a new camera and keep alive his dream of one day becoming a photo journalist.

Again, thank you sooooo much!!!