Sunday, July 3, 2016

Inova Urbis: New Development for Residents!

Inova Urbis is a group of architects wanting to improve the housing in Rocinha.

Inova Urbis is a company new to Rocinha. I remember receiving a flyer a few months back from an architect intern talking about this company coming to Rocinha. I was not sure exactly what they were all about until yesterday when I went to one of their Open House meetings as an invitee.

Im not sure why they invited me but I am always open to new things going on here in Rocinha. I went to their office located at Estrada da Gavea, 587 on the first floor.

Their office was easy to find and accessible to transport on the main street running through Rocinha. The building on the right of the photo, you can see the red sign "Yes". This is where the entrance is. When you go in go up the staircase of your left and there are signs that direct you to their office.

Their office is 2 parts, one with a huge table and seating area for small meetings.

The other side of the room is floor models showing the kind of the work they do.

One of the architects explaining floor plans with Lourdes, a residents using their services.

So, what exactly do Inova Urbis do?

Their objective is to help the residents of Rocinha to gain access to resources helping them to better their living spaces.

Their services of helping you with trained architects is to better the interior or exterior design of your home. Inova Urbis offers this service FREE to residents of Rocinha.

Their Services are:
1.) Your house to be reformed and designed by Architects
2.) Getting estimates of how much the materials and work will cost.
3.) They will only refer you to their trusted partners
4.) They can help you to get financing to have this work done.

Inova Urbis works with a construction store in Barra called Leroy Merlin. Their store provides everything you need for home improvements. Inova Urbis also works with trusted construction companies who do quality work for affordable prices.

Inova Urbis works with many student architects doing internships who help favela residents through the steps. Below is a photo of a employee of Inova Urbis helping a resident at a construction store in Rocinha.

Here are some of the homes that Inova Urbis has worked on.

I hope to someday use their services when I am able to buy my own home here. They also welcome foreign students who want to do an internship in Rocinha. For those interested you can contact them through their facebook page.