Friday, April 1, 2016

Businesses in Rocinha: Kitu Bolos e Tortas

I enjoy writing about Rocinha and educating people about our lives here. Mixed with other blog posts I want to start showcasing the different types of businesses residents have here.

We are organizing a party this weekend and I needed a cake for this special event. In Rocinha people are very connected to each other when it comes to the selling of goods and services. We help each other find the things we need through networking and Facebook is a great way to connect. Many people who have businesses here don't earn enough to have a professional website to be done. So, they use Facebook because they can set up a page for free.

I put up a post on a community web page looking for a person who could make us a cake for about 30 people. Within 5 minutes I had people contact me with names of people and businesses that make cakes. One send me her facebook page and details. I was impressed. We started communicating about what I wanted and set up a meeting. Also, the other shops I contacted were not open on Sunday. So picking this shop was ideal.

I arrived today in the shop of Da Kitu Bolas e Tortas at the top of Rua 1 in Rocinha. The address is Estrada da Gavea, 251, 2nd floor. Their telephone number is: 99648-5042

The entrance to Da Kitu Bolos e Tortas Bakery.

So, I enter and introduce myself and explain that I was online talking with somebody about ordering the cake. Kristina or "Kitu" as she is known asked me to sit down and she took my order for my cake. I paid her a deposit and on Sunday we will pick up the cake before our party.

 Kitu taking an order from a client in the reception area..

Kitu is a very proud mother of two children who are now grown adults. She has loved in Rocinha 49 years born and raised. She loves Rocinha and has no plans to leave. She enjoys her business which she says is growing. She employs 3 people at this time and wants to expand her business to give more opportunities for people in the favela.

The kitchen area. One of her employees washing out pans to make more cakes.

I saw these cakes, not yet frosted and had to take a photo. Looks & smells great!

Kitu's bakery makes, cakes, pies and cupcakes. If you want your cake to be pesonalized they can do this too. Cakes start at 65 reais up to 1000 reais. Price depends on size and work involved to create it.

This cake costs 500 reais but as you can see, a lot of preparation work goes into making a cake like this.

Kitu with one of her creations!

One thing I noticed right off from visiting the bakery was how clean everything is. The floors, countertops were spotless in the kitchen area and the reception area was clean too. This is very important to me when it comes to any kind of food service.

Below are photos of some of her work, Check out the Facebook link above to see more.

Minion cupcakes! :)