Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Street signs in Rocinha

At the top of Rocinha there is a city administration building that serves to function in Rocinha. The new project that was started a few days is to give more organization in the favela.

After a few days of walking through the community, Sidnei Ferreira and his team are putting up signs, putting up speed bumps and signals to help bring better safety for pedestrians and traffic. They will be painting cross walks in the areas where they have the signs. Below are some fotos of the work they are doing. We are still waiting for a solution to our garbage and sanitation problems. 

 Putting up another "Attention, reduce your speed" sign

The sign closest in the foto with the big "E" says parking for motorcycles. The two signs with "E" designate where parking for the motorcycles begins and ends.

Yellow sign to the left of the foto: Attention reduce your speed. The sign to the right with the "E" with a red line through it means "No parking" along the yellow line.

Cross walk ahead 50 meters

Bus stop

Attention: Reduce your speed

Pedestrian cross on the strip (crosswalk)

Pedestrian cross on the strip (crosswalk)

Pedestrian cross on the strip (crosswalk)

On September 17th they also started the process of asphalting Portao Vermelho. This area has always existed with a dirt road for about 40 years. It was very problematic especially when we had heavy rains. The dirt street would become a thick mud which would cause problems for residents to come and go. Here are some fotos taken by the workers in the community.

One resident said that they never thought that this area would ever get asphalted.
Finally access will be so much easier for the residents who live in Portao Vermelho.