Sunday, August 3, 2014

Recycling Education through art with Espaco das artes Rogerio Roque

I wanted to distribute more of the art supplies and Espaco das Artes coordinator Rogerio Roque had a childrens art project going on in the Valao, which is one of the poorer areas. He set up around 10:30  and I arrived around 12 noon. I was able to put supplies into two back packs and carry them down to the Valao.

I made a promise to Debbie and Tom Bannister that I would not only distribute their supplies but also Debbie's hand made necklaces. I brought about 40 necklaces as I was not sure how many kids would show up. The majority of the kids were between 8-13 years old. THANK YOU DEBBIE & TOM!!!!!!

They say on a blue tarp the Rogerio rolled out right into the street. no shoes were allowed on the tarp
and the kids were given sheets of paper with images that they would color in with markers, crayons or colored pencils. All supplies that were brought by Pack for a Purpose visitors to our favela.

I spread out the necklaces and had the children choose which one they wanted and then I put it around their neck. There were two parents who also wanted one so I gave them too. I gave out all of them. There are still more but I will save them for the next event in a different location so Debbie's necklaces can be seen all over Rocinha. After the children learned about where to put each recyclable in proper place, Rogerio gave everybody chalk and we drew on the street. Even Rogerio and I got to making our "I (heart) Rocinha" designs with the chalk. Here are some fotos from today!



THANK YOU to everybody who has taken part in Pack for a Purpose. To find out more, check out their website!