Friday, June 6, 2014

Pretao Football Clube. Beach Football

We now have the opportunity to organize beach football games between locals and foreigners. I had time to stop and talk with my friend Marcos Barros about Pretao Futebol Clube. A group of guys from Rocinha had this idea to play football but invite foreigners as a cross cultural friendly get together through football. Pretao FC has been around a little more than 10 years and wants to continue to grow and attract more interest.
"I think its a awesome way for people to make friendships and learn about other cultures."  Marcos said.

So, every SATURDAY from 12 noon until about 2pm the guys gather on the beach to have a football friendly. Marcos added about the popularity of the event " After the football, everybody walks back to the favela and there's a local bar that we can hang out over food, beer and great conversation. I have so many international friends now and I am hoping to travel to Europe in August or September."

So, with our new connection what we want to offer is a tour of the favela beginning at the top of the community, slowly walking through explaining everything about how Rocinha operates. There's the opportunity to eat a lunch when we get to the bottom of the favela or grab a snack, play football then return for a meal and drinks. Each option is available.

Pretao FC has a slogan: Praia, Futebol, Cerveja, Amizade e RESPEITO! ( Beach, Football, Beer, Friendship & RESPECT!

SE IDENTIFICOU? Então venha participar, será MUITO BEM VINDO! (If you identify with this you will be much welcome to participate!)

Check it out on our website here.