Friday, May 17, 2013



In working with tourism, I gain access to many people who want to help. I am in a great position to help people here in the favela. There are many great projects that need help but never get it. A couple of months ago I received a email from a woman named Joanne from a education project in the United States. She told me that she wanted to donate school supplies. I have access to three different NGO's here that can use any type of school supplies, pens, pencils, notebooks, markers and anything children can use to improve their learning experience.


I like to show people in my blog the wonderful people that come into my life and enable me to help others here in Rocinha. Joanne sent a box full of pencil holders with pencils, eraser and pencil sharpeners to give to the kids. The holders are docorated with stick on designs. I took two days and walked in different areas of the favela with a bag full of these kits and distributed them to school age kids.


I want to thank everyone who has ever donated to projects here in the favela, it does make a difference. The fotos above are of some of the encounters with children who received these kits.