Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tenho orgulho de ser brasileiro e americano

here is a foto of me with both american and brazilian passports...I have pride to be both and never deny this fact.

I need to say this to the trouble makers out there. I have NEVER tried to hide the fact of my origin, birthplace or my parents. I was born in Brasil. Rio, to be exact at Miguel Couto Hospital in Gavea. My mother is from New York City and my father is from Rocinha (born in Fortaleza, Ceara). So, yes I am proud to both brazilian AND american. And anyone who says diferent does not know me or is just trying to stir troubles. I have been fortunate to live in both the USA and Canada. But returned to Rocinha becase my father got sick and this place is my roots. Unfortunately, there is lots of jealousy here in Brazil. And some people will say anything to try to put down others they dont understand or discredit them. I have suffered this prejudice before.

I have already found out the sources of some of the people and it is becase we work in the same profession and they have jealousy. They would rather make a rumour about me than try to get to know me better and KNOW the truth. I have deleted these backstabbers from my networks. I want to work and support people whos intentions are to help others not being selfish. I want to surround myself with good Karma, not negative jealous people!

Please before you judge me, get to know the facts and dont believe everything some person tells you. Do your research as the truth can be found!