Friday, August 21, 2009


Lately I have been receiving contacts from people who seem to talk a good game but not back it up! I am tired of talk. Places like Rocinha need lots of help in diferent areas.

Anybody who knows me, knows how much I really care and love Rocinha. There is so much unused potential in this comunity which is why I feel necessary to try to find this talents and show them to the outside world. I was given this ability and I need to focus on this.

So, I receive emails from people who want to know my ideas. I then tell them and next thing I know, they take my ideas and use them for their own profit. Again without giving back something to me or the favela.

So this company in Europe first contacted me in may about setting up some activity, but not inside the favela but outside. I did the wrong thing in telling him he should try to offer this type of programs in the favela (which I think is good). When I spoke with him he wanted assurances from me as he felt the favela was not safe, ok, understandable. But I explained to him that as a resident, i can do things here that outsiders can not. He seemed so against it so, I let it go as he will do his programs elsewhere.

I receive a email from him a few days a ago. So, before responding, I checked his website. He had found his people to do his programs but the thing that upset me is that he used my ideas.
If I had not in the first place ever mentioned the favela ideas, I would not be writing this right now. So, in his email a few days ago, again he is asking me about my ideas. Well, I feel used and exploited. On his website it is obvious that he is in it to make money. Which is not bad thing. But my focus is very diferent.

My programs the main focus is to give as many jobs to favela residents ONLY! And of course build the much needed comunity center in Rocinha. Also everyone knows how I feel about favela tours, that the residents who live in the favela should be conducting the tours, not outsiders who lie or reinforce negative stereotypes! Or companies who put lots of money in their own pocket and give nothing back to the comunities that they make their living off of.

Favelas need to take back their neighborhoods and stop the exploitation from the outsiders!

Anyhow, I am kind of upset right now. I think I need to stop there!