Thursday, December 24, 2015

New Addition to Our Team: Carlos

Carlos is in the White shirt bottom left corner.

I met Carlos about 4 months ago and I think its great that we have new people wanting to work with us to show Rocinha.

Carlos tell us a little about you: Where are you from and where do you live?
I was born and raised here, in Rocinha and I still live .

How did you get involved in doing tourism?I was angry about a few things then a decided go to the beach, working out a little bit to chill out. When I was coming back, I've saw Zezinho close to my house. I went thank him for the wristband that he gave to my father. He was doing a tour with a Canadian couple then I introduced my self and we talk for almost one hour. Zezinho saw that my English was really good then asked me if I wanna work as a tour guide.

What do you like about Rocinha?I like the way people treat each other

What don't you like about Rocinha?
I don't like the police. Don't get me wrong. I just don't like the way they judge the people from the favela. And how violent and corrupt they are.

What changes would you like to see in the favela?
I would like to see more infrastructure programs, all the sewers closed and I really like to see some improvement on the chaotic electricity system, for example: The wires.

Explain what you like about working in tourism?
I like to meeting people, like to explain the things about the place a live. And a love this job because I'm finally doing something that I like. Using my brain, not my body.

I know you mentioned about going to University. What do you plan on studying?
It depends. If I went really good on ENEM (something like a national exam) I'll probably choose law studies. But I still have to make my mind yet, about political science, international relationships or history.

Will you continue to work in tourism when you go to school?
Of course I will. I love this job and I really wanna do this.

What hopes and dreams do you have for your future?
I have to be honest : Im not sure yet. I guess my "future" is the next couple years, you know? College or keep working as a tour guide.

What hopes and dreams do you have for Rocinha?
More infrastructure programs and more development.

What is the impression that you would like foreigners to learn and see about Rocinha?

I wish they forget all the images they have about us and see by their self's (in a tour) that the favela is much more than just a place where you can find drugs and violence. There are so many good things here and I wish the foreigners see that.